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WHAI & CATIE present – Supporting women living with HIV through healthy pregnancies and infant-feeding: A panel discussion on the benefits of HIV treatment

On March 28th, WHAI and CATIE hosted a panel discussion about supporting women living with HIV through healthy pregnancies and infant-feeding. Objectives of the session Describe the benefits of HIV treatment for pregnancy planning, pregnancy, and infant-feeding Describe Canadian guidelines on infant feeding in Canada in the context of HIV Discuss practice-based implications for supporting…

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ABRPO Resource: Black Voices Locating Our Grief

This resource is created by and for ACB community working in HIV and Harm Reduction, but it’s impact goes beyond these sectors. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge and name Black grief and reflect on it’s impact. The interactive activity is a powerful way to visualize the grief we carry, and start conversations with co-workers, friends,…

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CAHR 2022 Dr. Mike Wainberg Lecture delivered by Dr. Mona Loutfy

Dr. Mona Loutfy delivers the CAHR 2022 Mark Wainberg Lecture, “Women and HIV: A Call for Allyship and a Reckoning.” This lecture focuses on Women & HIV and violence, inequity, and patriarchy especially as they relate to the experiences of women researchers and HIV research. You can view the video HERE.

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