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About HIV Education, Prevention, Care & Support

HIV education, prevention, care and support continues to be a key theme at the core of WHAI’s priority setting for future work. All other areas of collaboration connect to this central theme.

Women identified a need for increased learning and access to HIV self-testing information, noting this as a less stigmatizing testing option. They also discussed resources related to HIV disclosure, especially within the context of criminalization; parenting, infant feeding and care support; and culturally thoughtful, inclusive, and supportive HIV models of care.

Only 36% of those who were asked about PrEP during WHAI’s community consultation knew what it is, making education and awareness raising an important part of our work (n=132).
54% of those asked about U=U (Undetectable = Untransmittable) during WHAI’s community consultations were unfamiliar with the concept, demonstrating the importance of education and awareness raising (n=101).


Moving the work forward WHAI is committed to strengthening women’s HIV education, prevention, care and support through actions such as:

  • Facilitating community capacity building, knowledge exchange and resource development focussing on women’s needs and experiences
  • Cultivating spaces of sharing and learning amongst women living with HIV and community organizations
  • Amplifying women’s expertise to improve women’s HIV prevention, care and support

“I think education should never stop. I think it would be helpful to use peers from the community as facilitators. The women can relate to them a lot more than they relate to us. I think we should go into the communities and not wait for them to meet us at the office.”

— Community voice from Thunder Bay

“U=U completely changed how I think about HIV and wellness. Wish it was more widely taught in high schools and universities, [they] still have incorrect opinions about HIV. Campaigns like U=U are very important in educating people.”

Community voice from Ottawa

Brochure, WHAI Resource

Living in the Asterisk(*): What does U=U mean for women?

WHAI's resource on what undetectable = untransmittable means for women.

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Women* & HIV in Ontario: An Introductory Toolkit

An introductory toolkit for the HIV and social determinants of health for women in Ontario.