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February 10, 2021

Love Positive Women & Black History Month Visuals



LOVE POSITIVE WOMEN (LPW) happens from February 1 – 14, during Black History Month, and overlapping with Valentine’s Day.  It is a global project, conceptualized in 2012, raising awareness about women and girls living with HIV. Love Positive Women seeks to create a platform for individuals and communities to engage in acts of love and caring for women living with HIV. Given that globally and locally, HIV disproportionately impacts Black women – this year, we are focusing our Love Positive Women organizing around important questions: 

How, as women living with HIV and allies, do we commit to addressing anti-Black racism? 

What role does misogynoir play in creating these disparities? 

How can we ensure our acts of radical love and collective care address these injustices? 

How can we do better to address anti-Black racism and misogyny now and always?

This year, join us to explore the intersections of Love Positive Women & Black History Month, and to celebrate the bold and incredible leadership of Black women who have historically led the fight against HIV globally and locally, and continue to do so today – not only responding to HIV, but also at the front of the fight against this new pandemic, COVID-19. 

Please find a file with visuals here HERE